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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Teaching Haitian Creole Classes: How did HaitianCreoleMP3 Podcast Get Started? Need-based Assessment After EarthQuake on Jan. 12, 2010

ROBERTS: Let's take a call. This is Johnny in Fresno, California. Johnny, welcome to TALK OF THE NATION.

JOHNNY (Caller): Hello.


JOHNNY: Thank you for having me.


JOHNNY: Yes, basically, I live in California. And just like all other Haitians, you know, leaving (unintelligible) Haiti, I am very concerned about my parents and - who are stuck back there. And basically, for the past three days, I've asking myself how I can help. And as I watched the different media, the different network, I realized that there is a great need for communication. Many people from all over the world, from this country and anywhere else, you know, have rushed in to help Haitian. But they are unable to connect, to talk to the Haitians, even to say hello or to say hi.

Haitians enjoy or appreciate people when they say hi to them, bon jour. So that's why I have created Haitian Creole MP3 file. And I post them on haitiancreolemp3.libsyn.com...

ROBERTS: So Johnny, why don't you give us a quick lesson. How do you say, we wish you the best in Creole?

JOHNNY: (Creole spoken). It is just easy stuff. (Creole spoken). How are you? What's hurting you? (Creole spoken).

And a lot of the people who want the aid workers, they don't know how to ask the basic questions. So I was compiling a list of basic Haitian phrases that they can use - they can download to their iPods or MP3 players. And basically, they can use it as they go. They can use it on the (unintelligible) wherever, you know, they're going.

ROBERTS: Johnny, thank you so much for your call. We are talking about the Haitian diaspora this hour on TALK OF THE NATION, the 800,000 Haitians here in the U.S. and many, many more around the world, their response to the earthquake last week and how they are keeping in touch with Haiti and trying to help the situation there.

We want to hear from you: 800-989-8255 is our email address - our email - I mean our phone number. Our email address is talk@npr.org.


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